• Live and Online

    Spreading the Gospel, one beat at a time. 
  • Mid-Week Music Mix

    Tune into Lil' L's Mid-Week Music Mix starting Wednesday, March 6th where he'll be spinning the latest and greatest Holy Hip Hop Heat on the planet! 60 minutes of straight music -- no breaks and no commercials! You can catch it in The Genesiz Lounge Radio Show Mobile App and in iTunes. Read More
  • Sacred Apparel Mixtapes

    We are an outlet to share, distribute, listen, & download gospel music for believers.  Catch us on Twitter: @samixtapes or on Facebook: facebook.com/samixtapes. Read More
  • GL Mobile App

    Ever wanted an easy way to listen to your favorite artist and follow the Genesiz Lounge Radio Show.  Well wonder no more, the Genesiz Lounge Mobile App is here for you on both Andriod and the iPhone.  To find out more or to download the app click Read More. Read More
  • Host/Director

    The Lord has led Brotha L. Scott to develop through his ministry a means of taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ directly to the people "in the streets". Read More
  • Check Out NMT

    Catch the hottest releases, new music blends, underground releases and so much more.  Don't wait, be the first to spread the new music out there with the Genesiz Lounge.
  • Genesiz Lounge

    Where Hip Hop is Straight Gospel
  • Genesiz Lounge

    There is nothing watered down about God nor his message.  Reaching the lost, one soul at a time.
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